Community partners

The programme and associated projects are supported by a range of community development partners or sponsors that includes regional or local councils, funding agencies and the communities themselves.

SEED appreciate the support received to engage communities and develop the plans, structures and projects to make long term impact for its members. Community development partners or sponsors are vitally important to us, to not only support the delivery teams in both New Zealand and Mexico but to be actively engaged in the community development process. If you wish to find out more about working with SEED, please contact us.

Awarua Rūnanga


The Southern Initiative


Nga Uri o Ngāti Mākino


Fundación ORB

Fundacion ORB is an NGO that supports youth and sustainable community development, by providing programs that create long term development plans and by acting as a channel for social, productive and commercial projects for youth and other community members.

Our vision is to maintain a country with a vast, diverse web of communities that continue their unique culture and and are self empowered with the capabilities to deliver on their long term social, environmental and economic needs for themselves and their youth.

NOMAD Republic

NOMAD Republic is a Development Tourism business providing unique experiences for youth in four global destinations.


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