Country partners

Trained programme delivery partners work alongside communities, development and technical partners to work through the various phases of the SEED community development approach.

Each country has SEED programme leaders that either work directly for communities and community projects, or lead community members and university students in delivering the various phases.


The SEED New Zealand programme is led by Peter Salmon under the SEED New Zealand Trust.

The Trust was established in 2016 after successfully launching the programme in 2015 through a strategic partnership with Maven Consulting. 
Maven Consulting is a multidisciplinary company providing strategic and operational consultancy services in both New Zealand and the Middle East.


The SEED Mexico programme is led by Richard Hanson and Sarahi Garcia based in Oaxaca, Mexico and principally funded by Fundacion ORB (one of the joint owners of the SEED programme).

Fundacion ORB is a youth and community development agency dedicated to growing social projects and ventures that increase the overall size, livelihood and impact of the social sector in Mexico. Its purpose is to build local capability, identify social opportunities and engage business in the support, growth and success of social projects that increase the overall size, livelihood and impact of the community sector.

The SEED Mexico team have been engaging and training students from a number of national and international technical universities to participate in community development, helping to facilitate the programme and providing technical support for community projects.