Phase I - Planning

Working with the community to deliver a community roadmap that links local projects to the long term aspirations of the community.


  1. Delivering a community presentation on the programme to build support and seek validation to continue.

  2. Undertaking desk research to build an understanding of the region the community occupies.
    This can includes its geography, cultural history, society etc so the SEED team has an understanding before entering the community.

  3. Living within the community for a number of weeks to undertake field research, carry out interviews and develop insights and ideas.

  4. Opening communications channels with the community.

  5. Facilitating community workshops, including: 

  • Agreeing a set of long-term community development objectives and aspirations.
  • Identifying assets and conceptualising a number of potential social, productive and commercial projects.
  1. Creating a community roadmap and presenting this to the community for addition, revision and confirmation.


  1. A single page poster community roadmap that identifies:

  • The organisation structure and strategy for the roadmap.
  • An agreed set of community inspired long term objectives.
  • A set of linked social, productive and commercial projects that help to deliver on these objectives.
  • An indicator framework and assumed impacts should the projects be delivered.
  1. A presentation and short report that details the community roadmap.

  2. A project recommendation report.

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