Phase III - Designing projects

Moving multiple projects from ideas to plans by inviting potential partners to support community projects and delivering a new project startup programme to develop viable new enterprise plans.


  1. Facilitating a one day multi-stakeholder workshop to cooperatively explore six associated projects and develop an action list to move those projects forward.

  2. Providing mentoring and support to help the community advance the multi-stakeholder project plans.

  3. Facilitating three multi-day start up labs to move project concepts to validated business models and plans including:

  • Learning, designing and prototyping business models based on the initial project concept.
  • Researching and iterating the business model to validate its viability as a project.
  • Pitching and learning from potential support partners and funders.
  1. Creating business models and plans.


  1. A project terms of reference document and plan for each project associated with the multi-stakeholder workshop.

  2. Multi-day start up labs workshop guide.

  3. A single page poster business plan from the multi-day start up labs including:

  • Project structure, plan and organisation.
  • The value proposition, offer and key attributes.
  • The customer.
  • The marketing approach (attracting and retaining customers).
  • The revenue model.
  • The operational model.
  • Financial projections.
  • Business assessment and risks.
  • Impact assessment and benefit to the community.
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