Phase IV - Building support

Sourcing the resources to support new projects and enterprises, and host SEED community networking events to share roadmaps, projects and build collective support.


  1. Delivering a hybrid impact assessment report that links the financial, new capabilities and support for every new project to the desired impacts wanted by the community.

  2. Advocating for community projects, presenting and introducing a variety of partners, grant funders and investors to support new projects.

  3. Developing relationship agreements (Memoranda of Understanding (MOU), contracts and variable suspensory loans (VSL)) between the community organisation and the funding partners.

  4. Providing opportunities for the community to attend regular networking events with other SEED communities to share learning and find opportunities for collaboration and project expansion. This includes introductions to new networks and potential partners.


  1. A hybrid impact assessment report.

  2. Project pitches.

  3. Access to SEED community networking events.

  4. Prepared MOUs, contracts and VSL agreements.

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