Programme background

The SEED programme has been delivered in four countries and to over ten communities over the last four years.


In 2012, an initial pilot of the SEED programme was developed as a pilot for a community of 1,200 people on the island of Ambrym in Vanuatu. This was jointly funded by Maven Consulting, Peter Salmon and Save the Children. The pilot was designed to deliver phase one of the programme and, once the community plan was delivered, it had 95% support from the entire community based on their desire to advance the plan.


During the Vanuatu Pilot Peter Salmon began working on the establishment of Fundación ORB in México City. He was commissioned by Moises and Cynthia Araf to develop programmes with the mission to be a ‘Foundation for Foundations’, to support and strengthen the social impact sector in Mexico.

The specific focus was to alleviate the poverty of opportunity that challenge youth and small marginal communities throughout the indigenous south of México.

In August 2012, the Foundation began in earnest with the design and testing of integrated programmes to make sure they delivered the desired outputs and outcomes. 

Today the Fundación has a dedicated operational team delivering the SEED programme in seven communities across the Yucatan, Oaxaca and Quintana Roo states. Additionally the Fundación was invited to pilot the programme in Tiberias, Israel in 2014.


Peter Salmon returned to New Zealand in mid 2015 to develop a Maven SEED operational team to deliver the programme with iwi and hapu communities across the country.


The SEED Program is copyright © to FISCHE Consulting New Zealand Limited and Fundacion ORB, Mexico 2012.