Bluff - Awarua Rūnanga

The heart of the Awarua Rūnanga is the Te Rau Aroha Marae which is the world’s southern-most marae. Located in the small town of Bluff, the marae was originally established in the late 1800s as a hostel for local Māori who lived on islands off the Southland coast. The marae was developed in 1985, but the tīpuna whare, Tahu-pōtiki, which takes its name from the ancestor (tīpuna) of the local tribe, Ngāi Tahu. It was opened in February 2003.

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Three initial projects were selected in the final workshop on the 18th of October. These were:

Converting part of the existing Ocean Beach Freezing Works (or another local building) into a haunted house tourist attraction. This is a great youth project with many opportunities to design and build a unique attraction based from a little used resource within the community.

Developing products from marine based resources such as cosmetics and creams derived from oyster shells that were shown at the workshops.

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The Te Runaka O Awarua Trust have decided to reinvigorate the existing Awarua Rūnanga Research and Development Unit to act as a steering group to roll out of projects on the roadmap.

Currently this steering group is being formed and led by Aimee Kaio. Their role will be to work with the project teams (below), help to support projects, and report progress to the Te Runaka O Awarua Trust.

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At last the final version of the Awarua Rūnanga community development roadmap is completed! We would like to thank everyone that participated in interviews and workshops to bring all of this together.

To view a PDF of the roadmap visit:

The Roadmap contains the long term objectives, project ideas, organising structure, strategy and finally, how all the projects deliver on whānau ora impacts.

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We would like to thank everyone that attended the Tuesday and Sunday workshops, especially for all the effort they put in to developing objectives and ideas. Based on the outcomes of the workshop on Tuesday the attendees agreed to the following long term objectives for the community and the project.

Project Partners

Mission statement

Te Runaka O Awarua is committed to the wellbeing of its people through creating opportunities in an environment of quality and aroha, following the kaupapa of its trust deed.

  1. Use the existing Te Runaka O Awarua Research and Development Unit as responsible for the SCEDP and its establishment. Form a small steering group to oversee governance of the SCEDP and overall project.

  2. Develop tourism and development precincts as platforms to deliver new ventures to maximise the current potential of tourism.

  3. Partner with other community groups and advocacy agencies to support the development of precincts.

  4. Develop many small scale ventures and provide enterprise development tuition and mentoring.

  5. Focus on the unique attributes of the geography and marine environment.