Los Divorciados, Quintana Roo

Los Divorciados is a small community nestled in the young state of Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Although the region of the Yucatan has been inhabited by the Mayans for nearly 2,000 years, this community wasn’t formed until the mid 60’s as a forestry and logging camp known at the time as the Emiliano Zapata Camp. Chiclero (gum harvesting) life was hard and they faced many dangers: snakes, malaria and other diseases, work place injuries and social issues like alcoholism. But the activity also generated wealth and attracted diverse groups, of traders and settlers who came to the camp from the neighbouring state of Yucatan to work and settle with their families. 

After a few years, there were a number of settler families and in the late 60’s they organised to solicit the establishment of a permanent settlement and ejido (or communal land) which was accepted by the State government in November 1970. This provided them with 2,000 hectares of land and positioned the 78 adults or ejidatarios as the rightful owners of the land they inhabit. Los Divorciados was formed.

The origin of this name is from an invitation inviting divorced people to live at the camp. 

Los Divorciados is predominately Mayan speaking and is located within easy reach of the tourist centres of the Riveria Maya. They have many productive opportunities to improve the economic and social impacts within their community.

Initial projects in development

  • Isitia / Trilingue youth engagement workshops.
  • New product and new market development for Ramon (a local grain) products.
  • Moto-taxi to connect Los Divorciados and local communities together.

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Project Partners

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