Sacalaca, Quintana Roo

The precolonial region was inhabited by Mayan Indians before the arrival of Francisco de Montejo in 1542. This young conquestador began his struggle for the region against growing rebellions until it was finally subdued in 1544. 

The rebellions did not end there and Sacalaca was embroiled in the Caste War in the mid-18th century. Along with many other local towns, Sacalaca was burned and destroyed by Mayan rebels. The modern community grew from a settlers who came to exploit the gum and timber in the region.

Sacalaca was one of a number of sedentary Mayan communities in the region that were colonised and converted to Catholicism. A chapel was constructed and, although now in a state of ruin, this belongs to the modern day ‘La Ruta de las Iglesias’ tourism route through the heart of the Yucatan.

SEED is working with Nomad Republic, which is a volunteer tourism company to create a new development programme centred in Sacalaca with outreach to surrounding communities. Volunteer tourists can enjoy the archeological and natural environment and spend a portion of their time helping the team deliver the programme within surrounding communities.

Initial projects in development

  • Complete the initial delivery of the SEED programme.
  • Develop a Volunteer Tourism Accommodation Centre that can serve as a base to engage other communities in the surrounding area.

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Project Partners

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